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New article on biobased materials for energy storage

May 10th


New article on the development of carbon electrodes for vanadium flow batteries has been accepted at ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. This is the result of a long term collaboration of the following people: C. T.-C. Wan, D. Lopez Barreiro,  A. Forner-Cuenca, J. W. Barotta, M. Hawker, G. Han, H.-C. Loh, A. Masic, D. L. Kaplan, Y.-M. Chiang, F. R. Brushett, F J. Martin-Martinez, M. J. Buehler. More info here.

Francisco Martin-Martinez speaks in Chile 

October 10th


He participates as keynote speaker in the "XV Seminario internacional de materiales avanzados" organized by Empresas COPEC, that took place in Santiago de Chile

Martin-Martinez Lab starts

October 1st


We will officially open this new lab, with a research focus on Computational Chemistry calculations and molecular modeling simulations of nanomaterials, biomass materials, and new biobased materials.

Francisco Martin-Martinez joins de Chemistry Department at Swansea University

September 3rd


After almost 6 years at MIT, Francisco Martin-Martinez joins the newly reopened Chemistry department at Swansea University

Some videos

An interview to Francisco Martin-Martinez for the e-visibility program of ECUSA (2018); a nice informal chat with Dr. Abel Sánchez (2014), and a video about the MIT CEE class big engineering with Prof. Benedetto Marelli at MIT in 2019.

Some pictures

NORA meeting with BASF colleagues, 2018
Reception with the King and Queen of Spain at the meeting of Spanish Scientist in US (ECUSA) in DC, 2015 
Reception With the King of Spain at the meeting of Spanish Scientist in US (ECUSA) in Washington DC, 2015
Francisco Martin-Martinez and Zhao Qin, explaining a paper on worm-inspired materials, 2016
Fran Interviewed at the MIT CEE Innovation@one post-event, 2014 
Nanotec Conference at Nantes, 2012
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